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10,000 Diamond International Points

Diamond Resorts International U.S. Collection Ownership of 10,000  (annual) points.  There are approximately 50 resorts in this collection and is considered to be the low end of the collection. The more points you own the higher your ownership aka silver, gold, platinum etc. When you call Diamond to confirm purchasing additional points...they are going to try their best to discourage you from buying, stating that you can't use them as you wish. You can! They are all part of the Regional properties... They would prefer to sell them to you at  $5.00 -$8.00 per point. We have sold over 36,000 points and everyone is happy. What will happen though is that they will only allow you to use half of our points (they refer to them as dirty points)  and make you purchase the other half from them. So for instance, if you are looking to become platinum status, equal to 50,000 points, you have to purchase at least 25,000 of those points directly from them. Considering the fact that you are only paying .30 per point instead of $5-8 per point for half of those points...It's a fantastic deal.  The maintenance fees are the same regardless of whether you purchased the points from us or from them. I'm finding out that they are littoraly dragging their feet in transferring these points to the new buyers though claiming it takes 45-60 days to clear a title they already know is clear. So unfortunately it will take a little patience but after they have done that, you are ready to start booking some fabulous vacations.If you are looking for an opportunity to own Diamond Resorts International...This is THE opportunity.  If you have the ability to make vacation plans inside a 30 day time window it stretches the use of these points out enabling you to book a few more weekly vacations each year. They don't have to be used this way. You can book your vacation a year out but will cost a lot more as well. If you're available to book 30 days or even 59 days out... you could stretch these 10,000 points into 3-5 vacations weeks depending on the location, time of year and availability. That is a SWEET DEAL!We are happy and proud owners of Diamond Resorts International and will continue to be. The points being sold are due to an abundance of points that we just can not use every year.I have contracts available in increments of 10,000 points at $3,000 each. I have a total of 4 contracts to sell if someone is looking to buy in increments of 10,000, 20,000 - 30,000....up to 50,000 points.Buyer will NOT be  responsible for 2017 maintenance fees that have already been paid in the amount of $1,736.00 per 10,000 points purchased. You will start your usage points for 2018 which the cost of these will be billed out soon.Transfer of points would be done via Diamond Resorts International, as they have a system in place to transfer the points. The transfer will costs $250.00 per 10,000 contract and will be paid by buyer. Please contact me for further questions and sum it all up... after you have purchased points from me, I will immediately email a signed, valid contract for you to print off and sign yourself.  You will need to send a $250 check with each 10,000 point contract purchased. If you are not already an owner, you will also need to send a copy of your identification and then the waiting begins....45-60 days. Also, by the time these points have been transferred to you the 2018 maintenance fees will have been due and payable. If the entire process does not happen fast enough, we will have to pay the 2018 fees and then it will be negotiable as to whether we book those points for you with our platinum account for 2018 or you forgo using the points for 2018. This will be negotiable depending on the timing of everything. References from other buyers available upon request and purchase of points.

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